A Defining Dozen

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A Look at Some Past TEDxGreenville Talks In the last six years, TEDxGreenville has hosted six conferences, and produced videos from 129 speakers and performers, with a total of almost 350,000 views. Over the years, we’ve made you laugh, made you cry, and maybe even made you think. Hopefully, we have shared ideas worth spreading,

Behind the Scenes at TEDxGreenville

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TED Talks have inspired me, answered some of my deepest questions, and opened my eyes and mind to some of the best ideas I could never have discovered on my own. It’s important to me that the “ideas worth spreading” generated in Greenville be delivered with stunning quality to match the stunning, mind-opening content. After

Two poets. Two souls speaking from the heart. Two cities: Asheville, North Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina. One male. One female. Shanita and Tavis will speak to us using the power of poetry in their chosen style. “I write for the same reason I breathe — because if I didn’t, I would die.” This quote

Serving as Pastoral Executive at First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, SC, isn’t Scott Neely’s only calling. A Harvard graduate and community activist, he has led literary and visual community projects on issues of diversity, race, and religious pluralism in the Upstate. He showcases his art on his website, Neely Projects, where he describes his works as

“My idea shifts the way that we do things,” says Martha Skinner. “It invites the audience to be part of a huge collaboration that benefits the environment and each of us individually. It involves letting go of ownership, competition, rivalry, and many other such things of how we operate in this world…. It involves letting

She’s from Orlando, Florida. She’s Nashville-bound—world-bound! She is Emily Kopp, and she knows how it works for a music artist, how you struggle, how you do everything yourself and live out of a van, on stage night after night. Emily is prepared, and she is on a fast and furiously entertaining path to singer-songwriter success.

Creative people find ways to express their thoughts and ideas. Then they find new ways of expressing new thoughts and ideas—new pathways to engagement and communication, perhaps a conversation with the audience. Choreographer Twyla Tharp describes how she begins: “I walk into a large white room. It’s a dance studio…there’s a boom box in the

Elastin. What is it? Why has Dr. Naren Vyavahare, director of SC BioCRAFT, focused on elastin in his current research? Why does he want to talk to us about it at this year’s TEDxGreenville conference? Well, we aren’t going to give it all away, but we can tell you that Naren Vyavahare’s talk will certainly

With more than 110 papers published in various journals, Emil Alexov’s work on understanding molecular mechanisms of human diseases associated with human DNA variants has resulted in more than 130 scientific publications and numerous talks presented at national and international conferences. “The program team was intrigued by Dr. Alexov’s nomination from the minute we read

Joe Mercaldo has an altruistic goal for his talk—to set an example for folks in our community to just be themselves. “I want people to walk away feeling like they can share different viewpoints with others. I want them to be aware that not everyone around them believes the same things—and that’s okay. There is more than

HeadVROOM Speaker Profile: Ivy Hill

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With over 350 members to date, Gender Benders boasts the largest transgender advocacy group in South Carolina. Co-Founder and Program Director Ivy Hill started the grassroots campaign to connect the trans* community. Residing just outside Greenville with hir fiancé Misha, Ivy is driven by passion for all things equality. Hir work has given hir a

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Maxim Allan Williams, past curator of the TEDxGreenville Salon Squad and a speaker at our first TEDxGreenville event, nominated JJ Ohlinger. He said of the Nebraska-born and Athens (GA)-educated artist, “JJ is an amazing and talented artist who has worked for Apple and the Grateful Dead. He teaches classes locally, has an open studio and

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